4 stroke stage II

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    on my 4 stroke i have a gurbee stage 2 my clutch spring (inside clutch) and bushing keeps failing what i mean by that is that i have broke about 3 springs and i have wore out 4 bushings all in about 2 months. i dont know what or why and the last 2 times.
    i have replaced the bell and bushing and clutch and in a few days/the bushing is a lot smaller in size and that makes the bell housing lose and the spring is broke
    my crank might be damaged there is like a stop at the end of the crank right where the clutch rest on it (that cud be bad)
    im lost on this one any ideals
    ps i run high speed wheel packing grease the green smelly stuff filled up inside the gear box

    iam lookin for ideals to fix it