Wanted 4 stroke transmission

Ok , guys as you know by now(probably) I really really need a transmission for a hausheng 142f 49cc. I don't have Alot of money. My world is like kinda falling apart. Buddy of mine may be able to get me a job but I NEED to fix my bike in order to get there.

So I need a transmission. It doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't need to be a grubee 4g(although I wish) I don't care if it's chain or belt drive.
In fact the only thing I care about is it's size and if it works

Found this one cheap from Australia long shipping time on it. But the price was right had exactly enough to buy it. But as soon as i was buying it a payment processes on my card. And I was left again with nothing....

If anyone has something laying around please pm me. I have many items for sale/trade and could also pay a bit.
.for those curious this was the Aussie one