4 strokers are garbage!!

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Bikeuser, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Bikeuser

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    I have one of those 4 stroke kits with the red plastic. stay away from these they are nothing but headaches. the engine burns oil like crazy, and the oil gets dirty real fast.
    the carb floods, its hard to start, and finally the clutch is made from **** rubber. and to top it off there are no parts available outside of grubee.

    I dare go into the quality of gearbox that we get?
    I will sell somebody my engine sans exhaust for 50 dollars. the biggest waste of money ever.

    I am going to design my own kit by contracting with american engine companies. i can do better than these hacks who are forcing garbage kits onto the market. You should not have to be held by the balls when you are trying to buy clutches or piston rings for your engine. You guys are plain crazy. I hope those who are considering buying a 4 stroke kit to keep thier money.

  2. fetor56

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    Were did u get your kit from?
  3. loquin

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    It's always been my opinion to stick with established, good quality engines.

    Honda/Robbins/Mitsubishi are all good.
  4. HoughMade

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    Where did you get your kit? There is more than one out there and all are not the same.
  5. Herrmanator8

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    umm...mines a honda...its amazing and the gearbox is grubee CNC whatever..

    never heard of even a huasheng so crappy...if thats true
  6. bosley

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    A whole lot of details are missing?
  7. Irish John

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    You must have got one made during the Olympics

    I have built a couple of Huasheng Grubee kits and the motor is good. It is infinitely better than the HT 2 strokes.
    I've done 3000 kms on the Huasheng and sure the rockers rattle but that's the same with the Honda even if it's less noisy. It doesn't affect the engine.
    The Huasheng is good because it is a Honda design ripped off exactly. I've seen inside both and they are THE SAME.
    Of course the Honda is better because it's a Honda and it is engineered to a precision that the Chinese can't even come close to but it costs twice the price.
    My guess is that you got your Huasheng from a bad dealership and p0ssibly from that terrible man whose name is too objectionable to mention on these pages.
    If you want satisfaction from chinese products you can only rely on their food and make sure it's in a restaurant that non-chinese go to. When it comes to engineering forget it.
    Your motor sounds like the appalling Hoot kit. Yes the gearbox is a lemon and I'm sorry you bought it without seeking advice from here.
    It's much worse for those poor astronauts who are part of their space program!
    Unless the chinese can tackle their terrible quality control issues they are dead in the water and others who can achive a basic quality will replace them. The foreign money will just move to where it can get what it wants.
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  8. astring

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    I would never put the Robin Subaru 4 strokes in that category.
  9. I've got one of those engines I think the author of this thread is mentioning from my Titan kit and it starts first pull and is reliable like anything.
    It does not burn oil,the carb does not flood,the clutch is made from a brake material no way is it plastic and I'm getting 40 miles every 1/4 of a gallon.
    And this is with a 48 tooth rear sprocket.
  10. Bikeuser

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    Right now I say screw the Huagshang. im gonna stick a 3.5 hp briggs on the bike. Alot faster and parts are available
  11. Mountainman

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    You get what you pay for -- to say that 4-strokes are trash -- is not the truth -- if you wish to say that your 's is trash - that's fine.. Good quality 4-strokes have been around for MANY YEARS -- I have had many - NEVER wore one out - that's saying something !!! PS - I don't buy the fake - looks like - just as good as the real thing models - don't be fooled... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  12. HoughMade

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    From what I have heard, you are the first to have negative comments about the Huasheng- the Hoot gearbox is another matter, but the engine has been positively reviewed.

    now, it isn't a Honda...and the Honda is a really good engine, but the Huasheng is good. However, there are always a few bad apples.