4 Stroking??

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Apachekid, Mar 6, 2010.

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    Just watched YT video by Lance Campeau on 4 stroking..great video...his engine really sounds sweet up and down rpms..Just wondering if 4 stoking caused by too rich mixture (air/fuel) what could you do to lean it up? w/out changing fuel/oil mix. If all you got is idle screw on your carb and your air cleaner is good, no air leaks anywhere.....what could you do? go to smaller jet in carb? no way to increase air, so go to 72mm jet like someone said here? Just wondering if anyone had another answer.....cheers, Apache

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    Aussie Steve just answered my questions with his post on 12/27/09 NT carb tuning....great post..its got all the answers and perfect pictures of carb breakdown also.
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    Thanks Apachekid, I was just about to answer your question when I saw the above reply.
    I probably would have pointed you toward the carb tuning thread. No need now.
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