4 vs 2 Stroke - Second MB


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Oct 21, 2008
Now, I'm looking at building my second MB.

My first one is well... dodgy to say the least and i am expecting something to blow up any day now. (had it about 9 months)

I currently have a 48CC 2 Stroke.

I am not sure what brand specifically, i bought it from Motowhizza on ebay.

Having this bike has taught me alot, ie. dont put a engine on a bike that you bought for a 6 pack of beer.

So now im looking at doing it properly.

I stumbled upon zbox in another thread here and they got 2 engines, the 2 stroke and 4 stroke.

Now, my mechanical knowledge was near to 0 before i started on this endevour, i know know the basic ins and outs of my dear little 2 stroke.

I have no idea on the differences between 2 and 4 stroke though beyond the fact that your oil is seperate in a 4 stroke, like a car, and it will run quiter.

so yeah, these the 2 engines


Now, if we forget the $175 price difference, is there any reason not to get the 4 stroke?

Is one faster then the other? My aim is not to go super fast, but 50kmh top speed on the flat would be nice.

So, thats enough on engines. Onto the bike, my current one is slightly terifying, old school brakes, the center mounted ones, riding in the wet i have to use engine braking every time i want to slowdown/stop.

I see lots of Schwinn around here, so started investigating that.


This one looks like it would be the go. Main apeal for the 'cruiser' style bike is the large frame area and single gear, more room to work, 1 less thing to break.

Also, it looks like the engines just fit on them perfectly, without the need to build some kind of special mounting setup which is needed with many fatter framed bikes.

Only thing that makes me hesitate about the Schwinn is the lack of front shocks. It is something that i do no have on my current MB and something that i would really like to have. If anyone can recommend a decent bike with front shocks for under 500 that is relatively easy to attach a engine to, i would be in your debt.

So yeah, thats my wall of text :D

well - just a few things to mention here -- a little food for thought for you

two strokes
more noise
usually faster
mix the gas with oil
a little smoke

four stroke
way less noise
just seem to have a more (cool sound) just one mountainmans opinion
more low end torque
no need to mix gas with oil

maybe a lot of this boils down to MB profile

I had a Yamaha Twin Jet 100cc once
that thing was faster than heck
made one wild loud noise
blew smoke all over the place
what a fast sight to be seen
noticed by all

then I went to a Honda 4-stroke 90cc
a very sweet riding little motor bike
speed was alright
no smoke, no noise, no problems
no one seemed to notice it go by

even though slower and a little heavier -- I perfer 4-strokes...

ride that thing