4 Wheel Rhoades bike - Honda 50 and Staton Chain Drive

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by *digital-guy*, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. *digital-guy*

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    I've been reading and searching the forum for a while now and cannot find anyone who has motorized a Rhaodes Car (4 wheel bike).

    I have the 2 person model and am in process of adding a Staton Chain Drive with the Honda 50. Recieved it a couple of weeks ago and hoping to find someone who has done this already. Perhaps I can learn from your ideas/ mistakes. So far I've taken the rear axle out and have to replace it due to wear. Not sure on the best way to mount it yet.

    If you know of a thread or have detailed pics on this setup, please let me know.



  2. ZnsaneRyder

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    I've never had a Rhoades car, although I'd love one!!!

    Anyway, I've built a tricycle for a friend and used a 196cc Honda Clone engine to drive it up to 35mph. I added a jackshaft from the engine for most gear reduction with the 1st chain, and the jackshaft also turns a second chain, which I added another sprocket to the axle. Still pedals and everything works great.

    I wonder if a Rhoades is similar to a Tricycle? You could take the Honda 50 and power the drive axle with your staton chain setup if you connect everything right.
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  3. mabman

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    Keep in mind that most states currently only allow up to 3 wheels for motor assist vehicles driven on public roads. But the idea of a rig such as yours is intriguing for sure. Can't think of a better way to move one of those heavy things along!
  4. *digital-guy*

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    Well, now you've got me wondering about the SC laws and 4 wheels. I'm not aware of this and hope it won't be a problem, but now I'll check. My plans were /are to ride it on the road, unless...

  5. Alaskavan

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    Please document the build. I've been asked if I would consider working on such a project.
  6. mabman

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    How about a six seater with fringe on top?


    Or perhaps this one, with a designated driver of course.

  7. SimpleSimon

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    This is simething I'd love to build

    The vehicle pictured was built as a personal transport. I have the plans for it as a pdf file, and I'd really like to build one as "parade car", just because it looks like so much fun. I'd never get away with driving it on the street, I'm sure, but can you imagine the interest it would generate?

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  8. *digital-guy*

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    Very cool looking ride! Is the lever a park brake or throttle control? I'd love to have a copy of that pdf.

  9. Alaskavan

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    I think that rig is friction drive and the lever is the engager. I could be wrong.
  10. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Ever lose something in the comp?

    I have the plans for that thing, I know that. Where exactly I stuck them is what I don't know. It's driving me nuts. When I finally find them, I'll gladly PM them to you.
  11. TREEWK

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    Have A 4 Wheel And Several Trikes. Planning On Using A Cvt Scooter Tranny For Starting Power And Higher Speed.

    What Have You Done Lately. RON

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