40 MPH for your 10 year old - sure, why not?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Godzilla Bobber, Mar 5, 2010.

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    Sometimes I wish I was born into a previous generation, when parents weren't so obsessed with keeping their children safe from everything. I suppose the problem is that only well-to-do families would ever be able to afford a motor bike for their 10 year old kid. Now, any schmuck with 120 bucks and a bike can motor around. (once they are old enough)
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    sure would like to stumble upon some of those old components...

    the dad who bought one of those for his kid didn't have anyone else he could blame if something went wrong...he'd simply bury his son and feel like a schmuck for the rest of his life.

    in a nutshell, imo...if we weren't so litigious a society...if i, as a man who relies on his MotoredBike, wouldn't be affected by someone else's mistake, then i'd say "if you're stoopid enuff to wanna try and kill yer kid and you succeed, and beyond my grief at the loss it wouldn't otherwise affect my life or right to ride, well then i don't have much to say about it."

    that's just me & my opinion, tho...
    i don't care what you do until it affects me or threatens my right to ride...
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    I'm sure the dad that spent the time to hand build his son a motor bike would take the time to teach him to ride responsibly. Many people in their 20's are just plain stoopid sometimes because they've been shielded from things like mini bikes and model rockets but were allowed to play explicit video games and R rated movies at an early age. Riding mini bikes and building model rockets teaches young people respect for motor vehicles and fire. Watching R rated movies and playing "M" video games gives young people a grossly distorted view of life that they often mimic.
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    agreed: too much intense stimuli and not enuff real-life. and yes nowaday's parents are too young to know a simpler time...boy do i ever feel for children these days, the new "real-life" leaves them hardly any chance to ever know better...

    also agreed: the discipline that comes with wrenching & riding is definitely something all young humans can benefit from, but ONLY if responsibly presented.

    where i currently live is a tourist area...trust me, i've seen 10yo's on pocketbikes without safety gear doing 30mph+ thru residential areas. i predict that this summer there will be 10yo's with HT's on wally-world cruisers, and i also predict they still won't be wearing any gear. as soon as one child gets hurt, the adults in the area who've come to rely on MB's & earned a good reputation will be shut down as a knee-jerk reaction.

    so let's not assume (at the kid's risk) that the dad thought about safety, let's just agree that he is ultimately responsible for whatever happens to his kid, good or bad.

    personally, i prefer "good" things happen to kids, but hey it's out of my hands, i can only hope that the "bad" doesn't screw things up for me.
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  6. There is a guy out there teaching a course to kids called "Play with Fire"

    The kids get to use power tools, cook on a stove, and do other stuff you need to survive.

    It's like the antimicrobial soap. Too much clean or too much safe is not good for you.

    My nephew started riding an ATV on their farm at a very early age. Not for fun, he was helping his dad run the farm.
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    The difference between now and then is that nowadays, the dad doesn't hand build the motor bike but just goes out to Kragen's buys a pocket bike and a helmet and he thinks the helmet is all he needs to do. He gives his kid the motor bike (or goped or motor scooter) so the kid gets out of his hair for a bit. Same thing with video games, buy the kid an X-Box and let him go off and entertain himself. The collapse of basic family values and the proliferation of political correctness is destroying this country.
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    Not sure why this post is in the Whizzer area, however I want to make a few comments.

    First the majority of today's youth don't have a clue about mechanics or the workings of the internal combustion motor. I guess there just isn't enough voilence and wouldn't make a good video game. Secondly the family unit isn't as important because of political correctness. The goverment now tells us the correct way to raise our children, and we expect the schools & government to raise them for us.

    Gone are the days where the father or mother hands down knowledge to his/her children.

    Another consideration is the amount of traffic we must contend with.

    I personally think learning to ride a motorbike aids in the learning process of driving a car.

    While reading some of the post in this area I detected comments about safety, and how parents would accept the burden of killing thier kids. I don't know of a single time that anyone I knew riding a motorbike was killed in my lifetime, whereas I have lost many of my friends to auto accidents over the years.

    Sadly the bond between father, son, & motorbikes is a thing of the past, and the majority of new drivers will start the learning process with the high powered SUVs and will be able to drive at speeds far above the range of a 2 HP motorbike.

    I just think learning to ride a bike, motorbike, and then the high powered automobile is a better learning process, than starting with a large vehicle with hundreds of HP.

    Of course I speak from a by-gone era, and a much simpler way of life, you know before the goverment took over our lives.

    Now what say we return this area back to Whizzers!

    Have fun,
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    well, i figured the moddies will get this moved, Quenton, so i went ahead & commented...hehe as usual i commented in the extreme, but no way i wanna be misconstrued as naysayin'...i've always tried to promote the potential for the father/son apsect of this motorsport, but we don't really see much of it happening, percentage-wise, with motoredbikes...carts and pocketbikes have organized racing, those parents & their kids are lucky people, imo.

    it's easy to tie this (various comments) all together...when i grew up, i was exposed to my father's gearheading and wrenching, for pay and play, and it just was part of life, a given...knowing machinery, and the logic of machinery, has been more valuable to me than most of the formal education i received.

    as we seem to all sadly agree on, the bonds are broken, not broken but not forming i think is more accurate...emotional detachment and sensory overload is mushing up today's young mind, the lack of responsible adult feedback is not helping.

    so now people jump right into an SUV without any preliminary experience, how true...and when dad buys his son a recreational "babysitter" without any intention of supervising...let's do the "new" math...you just have to figure sooner or later one inexperienced operator is gonna get in front of another inexperienced operator...game over. who's at fault? tough call, but never you fear, daddy will find someone to sue ;)

    i wouldn't be sure where this topic belongs...Godzilla Bobber, were you making an offhanded safety comment, trying to start this "sociological" discussion, or have we all simply misunderstood a "Heritage Lane" post about some cool old stuff?
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  11. Just some cool old stuff.