40cc Briggs & Stratton trimmer engines!

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    I don't know myself if they would work or not, but they also have 165 5.2 Cu. in. (97cc) engines that are CARB and EPA compliant for $124.95. Item# 28-1623

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    Looks like the 40cc are all gone!!!

    Minute Late - Dollar short!!!

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    I would stay away from the briggs. They have a cantilever crank and don't have enough bearing support to hang a sprocket on the end of the crank.
    It is designed only to rotate a clutch not take a radial load.
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    yeah! overhung cranks stink!

    they smell of cheap....

    but, with a spigot and bearing on the other side of said sprocket to take the load, they can serve a purpose.... is it worth it? iunno...
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    I have a cold and my nose is stuffed up but are these the same or similar Briggs engine?

    http://www.smallenginewarehouse.com/product.asp?PN=21032-0139&desc=Briggs & Stratton Engine 2HP Weed Trimmer Engine, Four Stroke, 34CC, fits Go Ped

    http://www.smallenginewarehouse.com/product.asp?PN=21032-0129&desc=Briggs & Stratton Engine Weed Trimmer Engine, Four Stroke, 34CC, includes clutch and shaft


    Have a look at that 90cc Sachs engine. Pictures make it look pretty narrow (pancake like), course it's hard to tell just by the pics.
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    PT Barnum would be proud. The 34 cc is doing good to deliver 1.1hp.The 40cc doesn't match the Honda GX35.

    btw the Sucks 90cc is a two stroke...
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    Sorry everyone for pointing out the Sucks, I forgot I was posting in the 4 stroke section. Doh, I feel like i just stood up in a mosque and shouted Jesus.
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    Would that be bad?
  10. Ive never used BRiggs on a bike or trike but I worked my way through college cutting grass and after having tried a Briggs mower I will never try again. I went through FOUR in a week. If I hadnt been dead broke I would have given up after returning the second one.
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    wtf did you do to them?

    briggs mower engines are exactly the same as 50 years ago, and ive seen quite a few that old that work fine. and older ones. without rebuilds.

    the standard 148's mind you.

    i still bag out these little 35cc jokers... :jester:

    anyways, the new ones are still the same. minor changes like carbies and exhausts. starters. ignition. but the basic engine has not changed since when ever they were first thought of!

    ive had them stop running due to crud in the fuel or something, but nothing an AF set of spanners and a screwdriver couldnt fix...

    finding them spanners at my place is harder than the repair!

    though...i havent had to buy a new one yet...so maybe thats it? old n trusty?
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  12. Nothing, but in all fairness to Briggs, the first mower had to be returned because it only had 3 wheel....blame that on MTD. The next one just wouldnt start, then the third one started and ran for 5 minutes. And the fourth one....it got me through a whole week of cutting yards. All while waiting for my Honda to come out of the shop for the first time in 3 years of daily use.

    My dad has a Briggs Animal on his Rhoades car(still untested) which we are taking on a cross country trip in the Spring. So I hope that is a decent build because I dont want to be pulling that monster with my Catrike with GP460.
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    With the supply of honda gx35s drying up, I'm tempted to try the briggs unless
    somone can tell me who sells a robin/sooby eho35 cheaper than staton?
  14. I dont ever recommend Staton to anyone for any reason but if you do get the briggs 40cc, I hope you post a review. I would love to buy an American engine but I went with Honda as I just dont trust B&S.
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    No way these wacker engines should be confused with American made B&S engines of the old days, these are made in China. BTW, I've had nothing but great products and service from Staton. To each their own.
  16. It doesn't surprise me theyre made in China. Im happy with my Honda anyway, and I do have a Chinese GP460 too as well as several other engines I have lying around so Im not really in the market anyway but I do try to buy American every chance I get...and dont mind going out of the way to do so either.
    Still not recommending Straton though. I bent over backwards to do business with that guy BECAUSE it is made in America but the guy treats his customers like ****, and it isnt just me, I hear complaints about him everytime it comes up. He is only in business because he does have an excellent and diverse product for those who know exactly what they want and never need to get info or flexibility of any sort. For thos folks, Im sure it is an excellent choice. But I choose to do business with people who appreciate their customers, and he simply does not.
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    Well, if I can still get my hands on a gx35 when I have the money that's my
    first choice, but I've kinda ruled out the BS. I'm thinking now the Dax titan 32cc
    clone. just to carry as a spare for my touring setup. Anyone know anything about
    this engine?

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    Well, too bad, as I said not my experience at all. Still, it's kinda funny to read someone say they're adamantly not recommending something that they never tried. I guess the inverse of that one sees all too often is reading folks rave a product after just receiving it and not having time to put it through a fair trial. Gotta read between the lines. I just glanced at staton's ebay ratings and for the recent 37 sales there is one neg rating 2%? and that one something about 'factory damage', most praise fast shipping and service.
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    Initially, I thought staton was great, but of late I am somewhat disillusioned
    by his business practices.
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    Curious, what have you purchased from him?