40cc Robin and ThatsDax Friction Drive

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    I am selling my 40cc Robin ECO4ER and ThatsDax friction kit. The engine was originally for a Coleman generator, but I converted. It is a 2 stroke engine and has less than a mile. The setup has a top speed of approximately 20 mph, but that is with my 250+ lbs on the bike. It would probably go faster with someone under 200lbs. With a larger jet and a performance air filter/intake, it would produce more power.

    Here's my write-up of what I did to convert the engine:

    I'll throw in the Sick Bike throttle cable. I want $275 plus shipping to your address. I prefer PayPal as the method of payment. Just remember, this is a quality Robin engine that was made in Japan and not a Chinese CAG engine. ***BIKE NOT INCLUDED***

    Here's a video of it running. It is poor quality, but I took the video with my old HP digital camera:


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    Reduced to $225 plus $40.00 shipping to your address. Price out the ThatsDax Friction drive kit and the Sick Bike Parts throttle and your over $200 with shipping costs.

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