40cc Tanaka GEBE rack mount kit for sale with extras - Great deal!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by shawnshank, May 26, 2011.

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    I have a used 40cc PF Tanaka GEBE rack mount kit I am looking to sell. I will include all the parts sold on the kit from GEBE (kill switch, throttle, rack, strap, belt, drive ring etc. I also want to include the Eagle / Velocity 26" Rear Wheel w/105g spokes and cassette. I had the drive ring installed by GEBE prior to shipping to me. Also included is the Tanaka Power Pack Kit which includes a HIGH PERFORMANCE carburetor (adds low end torque and adds increased speed) Velocity Stack, and K & N Style Air Filter with Chrome Top which have all been installed. I'll even throw in the power pack exhaust pipe for free because it's been modified (cut and welded). I will include the original muffler and heat shield that came with the kit as well.

    The engine runs flawlessly...I've never had a problem with it. I've owned it for just over 2 years now and have only ridden it occasionally because of the weather up here in the Northeast. I hate to sell it but I am going to buy a scooter because I have a much longer commute now that I moved. I can't say enough about how great this kit is. It screams somewhere between 40 and 45mph with a 210lb rider (myself). If you're looking for speed this is the kit for you. It also gets excellent fuel economy and is very reliable.

    What I have had issues with was the plastic belt cover which cracked (they always do) but it's still on and functioning as a cover and one of the exhaust pipe bolts sheered off and half of it is still in the cylinder head. I recommend the buyer to either be handy with repairs because it will be a tricky job to get it out or to someone who lives near a machine shop. Most machine shops could get it out easily. I just haven't had the time or patience to try to get it out.

    So now for the numbers...I paid over $650 for the GEBE kit, $114 for the Velocty rim, and $190 for the performance pack which you can't find anywhere anymore. I can take pictures of the issue with the bolt, the performance pack and all the parts if anyone is interested.

    Buyer will have to pay with cashiers check and pay for shipping costs as well but I will ship via whatever company you want (usps, ups, fedex etc) and will only charge you the actual costs, nothing extra for packaging / handling.

    I am asking $525.00 for everything. All you'll need is a bike to put it on.

    Email me at shawnshank@hotmail.com with any questions.

    Here is a pic of my bike before I put the power pack on, a stock photo of the power pack kit, a photos of someone else's kit installed on their bike and one of the stock PF 4000 engine as shown on Tanaka's website. I will add new current photos this weekend.

    my bike.JPG
    power pack.jpg
    Motored bike.JPG
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    Sure is a sweet deal I thought I read in another thread you sold this one already.
  3. shawnshank

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    Nope. That deal fell through. Still for sale.
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    After 3 months time passed, Still for Sale?
  5. Big Red

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    Selling Stuff

    Hey C.M., I can see 3 months easy. By the time you go back and forth, and back and forth again with some yahoo in Kansas (or wherever) Then it still falls through, THEN after ya sit back for a while and go WTF. I can see it.
    Big Red.
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    Hey Big Red! I'm wanting to get in touch w/ shawnshank. I've tried w/ a couplah PM's & a hotmail address. I've had nothing back until you stepped in. Are you him, the seller of the Tanaka 40 w/ goodies? I'm seriously interested. Or is yous jez flappin' yo gums? You be right in that 3 mos. ain't a long time in the scheme o' things. Take 'em ez brah!
  7. cargo-master

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    Knock, knock. Helloooo, shawnshank? Are you there?
  8. Big Red

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    No bro, It ain't me. I've been called Red, Big Red, Fatdaddy, FatdaddyRed and some other things that are not allowed on this site, But never Shawnshank.