40cc tanaka no longer offered on GEBE site?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by spokedjoke, May 2, 2012.

  1. spokedjoke

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    So ive been savin my pennys for a 40cc Tanaka GEBE kit but its no longer on the site, only the 33 Tanaka is listed and of course the robin. any one know why? ive tryed to call , but no answer. Is it too much Power for the GEBE? I plan on ordering the wheel with the 105 ss spokes as well

  2. Happy Valley

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    It might be best to talk with the folks there at GEBE who will be able to tell you exactly what is up when you can get through rather than speculating. It might be a temporary supply issue or something, it can happen. The 40 is available from other sources. I can say definitely it's not that the 40 is over-powered though.
  3. darwin

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    Staton has the 40cc tanaka at a decent price.
  4. Dont get a tanaka. Good luck finding.g parts when its time for maintence. Get a zenoah engine. Don't listen to what they tell you over at golden shower . My buddy got a tanaka and ended up spending hundreds on a new cylinder head. Piston and rings. Plus its tough to locate performance parts.

    They are super reliable though....but so is zenoah
  5. spokedjoke

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    Thanks for the input folks, Ive tried to contact GEBE but no answer, I guess i was more just curious than anything. yesterday I stumbled upon a Tanaka Dealer close to my town. Staton was a good price-till i found out i can get it almost 100 bucks cheaper locally and a 7 year warranty!! The dealer told me hes been selling tanaka products for years with no problems , so i bit the bullet and ordered it. need the extra power for the hills here in northern WI without gearing it down.
  6. 2stroker

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    I like the bumblebeebolton engines personally or maybe a bikebug is good to. I have just had a better experiance in reliability with those engines. The 40cc is just to much engine for a bike. I go with friction drive kits i just have had a more reliable experiance with them. theres a couple different good brands those were just the 2 off the top of my head..Good luck
  7. spokedjoke

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    Originally I wanted to do a friction drive, however, ive found myself riding in rain / snow / wind too often, and wisconsin is hilly, weather changes very quickly at times. becides, it should only top out at 35Mph with the 40cc. Thats not overpowered as far as im concerned, just yesterday I Peddled 30 MPH on the bike trail with knobbies at the END of my 25 mile ride. I want it to At LEAST match my sprinting speed. Already have plans for a Friction drive for my girlfriends cruiser from dax. She only rides for recreation on very nice days, and it would be easy for her to operate when im not riding with her. Next friday I should have my tanaka and the GEBE kit should be ordered by then. Ill keep evereyone posted on my Build as I make progress. after break in I might even order the power pack if the kit is still holding up by then. Wish me Luck!!