40T CNC milled Sprocket bolts keep vibrating out

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by cmb271, Jun 22, 2016.

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    I finally finished my bike build and I'm in the break in period but I live on a rough and bumpy road and the 3 hex bolts that hold the sprocket to the adapter constantly come loose causing the chain to pop off. I've tried Loc-tite Blue and JB weld and they still refuse to stay, Do they make lock washers that'll fit these bolts, is there any other way to keep them tight on the adapter?

  2. skyash

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    Some times not tightening the bolts all the same will corse this I use a battery dilly and set the chuck so when they all click at the same point thay are done
  3. bakaneko

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    I would suggest a controversial way, if all other practical and cost efficient ways fail, to do it using a few pieces of copper wire to provide additional bite and hold for the bolt (3:08). I've done this with aluminium foil (the lesser of the two) and that stuff has a lot of torque, but don't use aluminium foil use copper wire.

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