Chains #41 chain is driving me crazy

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  1. 350zdrftr

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    ok so as most of you know the 415 chain would not fit on my setup so i went with the #41 chain From TSC. Well from there no one could get the pin out so i ended up using a dremel and with a little innovation i got it out , the first chain i made was too short literraly 1/2 inch too short if that. So from there I made a new chain with just one more link. This chain is too big it has a lot of slack i have the idler pulley on and the chains are rubbing together and it keeps jamming up on the sprocket at the motor. The only other thing i can think of is to put another pulley up top. Any other suggestions anyone else encountered a problem like this? i mean its literrally 1 link longer than the other that was too short to put on. Thanks for all that reply

  2. wanger

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    half link

    get a half link
    it is what it is a half of a link joiner
    just get 1 the same as your chain
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    yes, that is one of the best things about the #41, the TSC has a pack of 4 or 5 for 6 or 7 dollars.
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    Really? i called my local one cause its about 20 mins away and the guy said they do not carry half links, i guess i am stuck ordering off the net
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    Most hardware stores will carry them. And yes that 41 chain is a bear too break. I have a big chain break but it only pops the pin out on one side, the other side is pliers and screw drivers. And that pin seems to catch every piece.
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    I've noticed that too. 41 is hard to break. I been using a angle grinder on the pins.
  8. bluegoatwoods

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    A bench grinder works well. Grind off one pin-head (never thought I'd use that word, outside of giving an insult) and punch through.

    To adjust chain length, I just use two master links. The chain between them, perhaps 6 inches or so, is what I take links from. Or I make a new "short" chain if I need to add more length. No need to make a whole new chain.

    But I'm curious about how one link could be too much for you to adjust to. Can't you give and take slack by moving your rear axle back and forth?
  9. wanger

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    can u move chain tensioner forwards or backwards as this might work
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    I am going to remeasure both chains tonight , and sorry I am confused on how to remove slack from the axle . Care to elaborate?
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    the t-shirt shim works well
    actually only needs to be 'T' shaped
    I used 1/16" aluminum flat stock (very easy to work with)
    the difference with no tensioner is very noticeable :cool2:
  13. Junster

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    I did the shim mod also. There is no adjustment for the axle in my rear dropouts. Getting rid of the stock style chain tensioner was a big improvment on my bike too.