#41 chain on smaller sprocket?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by mystic-chris, May 9, 2011.

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    I'm in the process of my first build using a 4-stroke 49cc Hua Sheng engine fitted to a EZ Motorbike Q-Matic drive system. The pulley on the Q-Matic drive's centrifugal clutch specifies and nicely accepts a #41 chain. I have a hub-mounted 56-tooth sprocket on my rear wheel, and that sprocket's teeth are smaller than those on the clutch. So the #41 chain can move somewhat from side-to-side on the big sprocket. (The 56-tooth rear sprocket is more similar in tooth size to the pedal-side sprockets on the bike.)

    What are the implications of running the bike with this setup? Can I? Should I?

    I'd greatly appreciate any help with this.

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    I used to break chains all the time.
    I bought all the local stores stock.
    They never restocked.
    As long as the pitch is the same, the width (spacing between the plates doesn't seem to matter much, as long as it doesn't rub on anything).
    I finally stopped with 420 ,1/4 inch between plates , chain on a happytime.
    It never broke or stretched.
    All the local stores are still sold out of chain.
    It has been years.
    They are still out of all sizes of chains except Wallyworld bmx chain.