41 chain versus 415 chain

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    Just thought I would give my insight on the debate between the two chains.

    Wanted to try 415 chain on a project I am working on as I have read it is a heavier chain and has less slack side to side.

    The sprocket in question is a #41 which is about 10 inches in diameter... the 41 chain wraps around it perfectly with a fair amount of play side to side.

    The 415 chain which I believe is made by KMC goes a little bit more then half way around before it starts wanting to jump a tooth. I have read that sometimes teeth need to be filed down a bit, but in this case... there is no way that much filing can be done.

    Do not have the exact specs on this, but it seems the rollers themselves are larger in diameter then the 41 chain.

    Just a heads up in your future builds with using larger sized sprockets and 415 chain...

  2. Bob Mac

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    415 vs 41 chain

    It's not the rollers it's the width of the chain. The pitch and the roller diameter are the same. The 41 chain is 1/4 inch between the plates, the 415 is 3/16. This means if your sprocket is 3/16 inch thick either chain will work. If your sprocket is wider, or tapered as is the manic mechanic sprocket, only the 41 chain will work. The plates will bottom out on the sides, not allowing the roller to seat too the bottom of the tooth. I hope I made this clear enough.