410 vs 415 chain


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Jan 11, 2020
Dear Fellow Motorheads-Are the 410 and 415 chains interchangeable on the early 49cc Grubbee engines? I could not remember my replacement chain size and so ordered a 415, only to discover that it's much wider than my replacement KMC and that the KMC is actually a 410 chain. Lastly, my 410 chain is 52" long and around 105 links, with around 8 1/4" left over. I mention this as many 410 chains are not over 78". Does anyone know a good source for a quality 410 chain (such as KMC) that is at least 52" long? My setup is a basic Walmart Canebrook Beachcruiser with a 15 year old Grubbee 49cc engine and a spring loaded "T" type tensioner.Appreciate any detailed replies-Gearhead223
Where clearance is a problem I have run 410 on 66cc with no issue(using the narrow sprocket) but Its always one of the upper endBMX chains.
Appreciate all of the replies. After calling a few bike shops and explaining how my chain has chrome and then blued links with beefy sidechains, it was explained to me that I might have used a single speed/BMX chain. I ordered the KMC Z710 1/2 x 3/8" bike chain and a spare clip on master link, as the Z410 now comes with a missing link master link, which I don't prefer as I don't have the pliers. Keeping my fingers crossed-Gearhead223
The 415 'high performance' chain I got from BikeBerry isn't compatible with any of my sprockets, it'll only feed on so far, then stick out stiffly, going it's own way.......