Chains #415 50 chain is that the same thing?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by ricky61071, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. ricky61071

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    i just bought a motor kit and it said it same with a 415/50 chain i was wondering if that was a normal 415 or not. the chain i got does not fit over my 44 tooth wheel sprocket properly it goes about half way around it then it wont fit no more. does anyone have any suggestions? do i need a sprocket with fewer teeth or what?

  2. pbeggs

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    i would help to know what kit you purchased and from whom.,,...

    if it is the chain on a frame mounted chinese 2 stroke motor,.. it is probably not an american chain size,.. it is actually a metric approximation of an american size,.. i just had to replace mine because i could not find any masterlinks or half links to fit,..:shout:

    this company is a good source of replacement chain

    you are probably looking for a #41 chain (heavy duty drive chain with the same pitch as bicycle chain/410/415)
  3. professor

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    I just bought some chain from McMaster Carr. for my moped. choice of legnths, but mostly wider industrial chain, pay with a credit card and I am told they have no problem shipping to you, even though they are not a normal retail store.
    I pay with my credit card and have the stuff shipped to work. Great prices too. Good source for brgs. pulleys, etc.