415 roller chain sight I found

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  1. GTodd

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    It is 1977 Moped roller chain. Click on the chain.:cool: hope this helps someone..

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    Click on what? Where? lol

    KMC sells a heavy-duty version of 415 called 415H that's far superior than the kit 415 chains, and they can be found for $10 or less. Probably need 2 sets tho, they only give ya 98 links.
  3. GTodd

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    415h chain

    Sounds good. The only problem im having is trying to find a 415 hd that fits my M&M sprockets. I was told a tricycle chain works but I dont no how strong of a chain it is. I have a lot of hills here. Thanks
  4. V 35

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    I use the # 415 Tricycle chain, much stronger than the cheap kit chain.

    * # 415 standard fits the Grubee engine sprocket. # 415 HD [ go Kart Chain ] is too wide to clear. Pirate Cycle sells the Trike chain,
    you may need 2 if you have a big rear sprocket . I'd order extra master, and 1/2 link, just in case.

    My China Chain lasted aprox. 10 miles, the Tricycle chain has been on for a couple seasons.
  5. GTodd

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    Ok on the tricycle chain. You are the second person that likes the tricycle chain. Thanks
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    My china lasted me about 50 miles.......do you think I could find anywhere that sold good chain???? No.....
    I ended up getting the highest quality 415H, cost me about 80 bucks...hasn't missed a beat in about 500 miles......my friends china has about three clips in it, is warped, jumpy and generally a p.o.s., still just hanging on..lol