415H kit chain won't feed through front sprocket

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by rotagen, Sep 6, 2013.

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    Hey all, I tried searching for this problem that I assumed was common but no dice. My chinese 2-stroke came with a 415H chain, I tried to feed it through the front sprocket with clutch engaged and even a rubber hammer but it will not feed through, from inspection I can see the chain is hitting the housing on the front side of the sprocket (not the removable housing with clutch lever, but the housing which contains the magneto). My friend who ordered the same kit noted right away that my chain was larger than his, but he said his was a "415 BMX chain"... I guess there may be a difference in 415 and 415H?

    Anyways, this is real frustrating as no local bike shops had a 415 chain and my order from pistonbikes, well everything came so far except the chain.

    Should I try again to force it through with a screwdriver or something, or try dremel-grinding the housing?, or should I just wait for my new chain (assuming the darn thing comes).

    Also, it seems the next smaller chain size is down to the not-so-tough looking bicycle-sized chains, maybe I should try a 410 or something?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. HeadSmess

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    so.... the chains to large and hitting the magneto case, not its too wide and rubbing on the INSIDE of the case, where the bearing is? thats the normal issue.

    sprocket may be slightly burred and chain isnt sitting correctly.

    chain might be el nasty and not sized properly. make sure it seats properly on the rear sprocket.

    only real way to feed the chain on is with a socket on either the sprocket nut or the cranknut. ie, remove clutch mechanism and rotate the sprocket. removing spark plug helps.

    i cant quite see how feeding it with a rubber hammer would work?

    unless you are trying to drive it straight onto the sprocket? wont work. break the chain at the master and start feeding it in from one end, like paper into a shredder ;)
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    It's a common issue.

    There is "metric 415 chain" and "imperial 415 chain"

    Imperial 415 chain will fit around the 10 tooth output shaft sprocket without any problems but metric 415 chain will not want to sit in the valley (between individual teeth) of the 10 tooth engine output shaft sprocket; causing the chain to ride high on the sprocket teeth, consequently it can make it almost impossible to join up the master link in some cases.