44 tooth "B" style sprocket- 5/8" shaft ?

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    any one know if there is such an animal or where to find them if there are ?

    or a 44 tooth sprocket that has a carrier that will go on 5/8" shaft ?


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    I usually get my stuff at Mcmastercarr.com.
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  5. I'm thinking you're working on a Trike or similar to need this sprocket to fit on your axle/jack shaft?

    I looked into the Grainger site. Search the part numbers in the pics below. I may be wrong but that bushing is supposed to bolt on to that sprocket. Al least according to the sprocket it needs that bushing for a 5/8 yes I only see two holes too. Then you'll need a #40 chain. And it's a 45 tooth.

    Oh. And that sprocket is expensive.
    But with a drill maybe if you get two of those 8 dollar bushings and sandwich a 44 tooth bicycle sprocket in between,line it up straight and drill the holes it may come out for you.

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    thanks for all the replies and links guys, i'm just looking for alternatives, i hope not to need them.