47 Whizzer Rat Build

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    HI guys, I posted this on a few other forums but Im sure theres a few new faces here. I have this fully rebuilt 47 Whizzer Engine (picked it up from Quenton a few years ago) that Im slowly building up. I recently got some motor mounts for it, and a few parts that I have gathered for it over the past few years and mocked it up on a DX frame. I plan on building this bike up using 40's and 50's parts. I want it to look like a bike that a kid built up in the late 50's to hang with the local Whizzer Gang. I have a 59 Wasp Frame coming that should have the color and all the clearance Im looking for, if not ill notch it. Is has the color and patina Im looking for. I have a set of blue 40's DX fenders with original paint that Ill use. Im looking for a Whizzer for but for now I may use a Monark fork. Here is a few Photos of the mock up. Ill add pictures as I go over the next few weeks. My goal is to have it done and riding way before spring.

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    Look at how beautifully narrow that Whizzer engine is!
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    Its really cool how compact these little rockets are!!
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    More pictures of the kit mocked up on the DX frame. Schwinn Wasp Canti frame should be here any day now.
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    I just finished the rear wheel. Its a NOS New Departure Model D .120g with newer .120 gauge spokes and nipples laced to an older stock heavy duty chrome .120 rim. I used a new Taiwan Sheave because I like the mounting hardware better. Bontrager 26x2.3 tire for now.
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    I think these are the fenders Im going with. They are 40's DX fenders and Im trying to figure out exactly what color blue it is so I can purchase a can from vintageschwinn.com to paint the tank. I want to distress the paint on the tank to match the fenders. The frame will be a Black Schwinn Wasp Cantilever.
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    Appears you live in a heavily Whizzer infested part of the US. Got a call this morning wanting contact information from you so you can join some of my friends on rides in your area. They also suggested you subscribe to the Whizzer news letter as it showcases the rides and events in your area.

    They want you to join in on some of the rides & events.

    You can join the Whizzer newsletter by calling or emailing either Mary Kay Reibel or Carolyn Williams.

    Mary Kay 630-897-3601 mkhansenreibel@aol.com

    Carolyn 815-792-8401 carregwms58@earthlink.net

    You will find a lot of information on both vintage and new edition Whizzers in the publication.

    Have fun,
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    Thank you for the info!! I got this engine from you Quenton about 6 years ago and still have not fired it!!
    I was wondering about the whizzer news letter, my last issue was from nov 8 1995 when Bob Baker was doing the Whizzer Enthusiast!! I will contact them this week and get a subscription.
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    I received the frame this week and after fixing some shipping damage I snuck in some time after family time to start piecing it together. I picked up a set of Schwinn Cushion bars today at a swap and I might use those on the bike. I was going to use a set of Wildfire repop Sportsman bars, but they were poorly manufactured and do not fit stems well. The tank in the pictures is not the one being used its just for a mock up. Im waiting to get paint for the original tank. I am still looking for a good fork. Id like a 26" Whizzer fork but Ill settle for a Monark fork for now. Not too many more parts needed.....