48 cc motor mount !!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by gomabman, May 11, 2011.

  1. gomabman

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    I lost one of my two way screws that mounts the back side of my engine. Does any know where I can get something reliable. The screws that came with my kit just weren't working for me. :ack2:

  2. retromike3

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    bolts that work

    I got a set of bolts from Sick Bike Parts, later I needed a different motor mount from the same folks and It all worked out fine.

  3. gomabman

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    Thanks for the quick response! Question? On their website I only noticed front engine mounts for sale. Did you only use their front end universal mount and did you use something different for the back?
  4. spad4me

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    The back mount usually stays put.
    The stud kit has all you will need if the engine block is not stripped.
  5. Al.Fisherman

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    If you are talking about the 2 "Studs" which are the same diameter as the front studs, you can use all thread. All thread is of a much better quality (Metric 8.8 = to a US Grade 5) then the stock Metric grade 3 studs. Those studs are a 6mm x 1.0 thread. All front, rear mount, intake, ans exhaust are the same size. Not many local hardware stores, including Home Depot and Lowe's carry it. Best shot is look in or search for fastener supplies. A meter should be less then $6.00.
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    new mounts?

    After the broken stud advisory on another thread, I pulled my engine and had a look at them... the two in the rear had some damage from vibration.

    I pulled one and went to the true value hardware up the street.
    Yep! They got em! M6 studs with the proper thread, length, and seemed to be a better grade steel.

    $2.93 each ! That's too much for a 25-30mm bit of steel, I don't care if it's got threads put to it.

    I have a question...

    I plan to re-locate my HT engine, for lower center of gravity, shortened chain run, and do not necessarily need to clamp the engine to the frame tubes.

    What is the general opinion of bolting the engine to a plate motor mount, as opposed to squeezing it tight against a frame tube?
    This might mean more strain is on the bolts, because the half circle of the engine block will not be bearing against a frame member.

    I'd like to hear opinions on the possibility.
    The welding is no prob... I'm set up to do that part.

  7. Al.Fisherman

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