48 "J" and 51 Ambassador

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    Turns out the Ambassador is actually a Sportsman :icon_cry:

    Howdy.... as I mentioned in a previous post, I have a 48 "J" Whizzer that's 0.050" over and likely needs new rings. Nobody replied to my query asking about oversize rings for the "J" motor. Just recently I was fortunate to pick up a 51 Ambassador w/kickstarter. It's pretty much a barn find and would need extensive work to restore. My question this time is would there be any components between the two motors that would be compatible and interchangeable? Or is totally anther beast? I thought the kickstarter would be nifty and saw on eBay a "J" Whizzer that was retrofitted with an Ambassador kickstarter. I don't think I'd cannibalize the Ambassador just for the kickstarter but if other engine components would interchange.... I'd consider it. Otherwise I'd part with the Ambassador in the end. Thoughts appreciated.....
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    Selling the sportsman? How much!!! I'm not sure if you can use the kickstart engine with the j but I know of two j engine's that came with a kickstart option. Some pics would help!
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    Not certain what I'm doing just yet.... still trying to sort it all out and have many other things to attend to with the summer winding down. When I figure it all out I'll post something regarding the plans for the sportsman. I'll try and get a few pics together and post them here in the meantime.
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    Cylinders WILL interchange Quenton does all my engine work, I would advise calling him.