48cc Engine: Death and rebirth



As some of you may read in the post:
(if not, could be a good intro to this thread), my engine suffer a severe bottom damage.
With little time, and decided to make it work again, i repaired the crack shaft and the entire engine in one weekend.
This are the links to the pics of the whole process (from death to rebirth):

The upper part of the engine doesn't suffer any damage, but i have to change both piston rings, because they broken down when i try to put it in the cylinder head.
I change both bearings in the crank case with good ones (it was not necessary even with 2000km on the engine), but since i was making a repair it cost nothing to put good parts.
There is almost no parts in Argentina that fits this engine, so the rings must be adapted and the piston was kept original.
I "worked" a little bit both half crank cases, to make it smoother to the mix flow.
Now, after a few week from the repair, the engine it's running fine, i think better than before the crack. Hope it last!

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Thanks Bill!

Siva93, if i can give some help fixing an engine just ask, as you could see i repaired from top to bottom so i know a little bit of these engines (i'm not a mechanic, but this thing has become a interesting hobby!)
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Thanks for all the kind comments my motored friends!
As Will said, i really love my bike.