48cc Fun - New Bike Build

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  1. Leroybrown420

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    It's been awhile since I built a 48cc bike. My first test ride it I thought something was wrong. Then, I remembered I was riding a 48er.. It's still fun to ride tho. Check it out!

    001.jpg 009.jpg 005.jpg

  2. LR Jerry

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    Hey 48 cc makes you legal in many places. When I was younger I loved fast cars and motorcycles. Now I don't need to get anywhere fast just alive. LOL

    SANDSA Member

    Pretty cool Leroy,I know it's not,but in the top pic it almost looks like a fake background/backdrop hollywood prop.Awesome view.Looks like Sadona AZ.I grew up in north east Phoenix PV. area.
    Great time of year.*wondering if the snowbirds have started their migration.Hey,I have an idea.Strap golf bag to 48 ,play the back 9.or caddy for cash..heheAnyway.
    I guess you can really tell the size differance, visually ,between 48cc& 66-80cc.hmm.I hope the DMV cant tell.Here in MA.you can get a moped plate.49cc or less .
    Nice build,I'll have to look at some more of your pics.Memories of the west..you could submit pics to "ARIZONA HIGHWAYS"magazine cool....
  4. Leroybrown420

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    Thank you SANDSA. I live in Big Park, Arizona. It's the gateway to Sedona. Not too many birds up here, were in the upper 30's today and expecting snow tomorrow. I froze my but off test riding my new bike this afternoon but love the 66cc power.

    New Bike, check 'er

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    Now that one is nice.Thumbz^^.You can never have too much flash~
    I'm kinda new,geeze,how many bikes do you make every month?I've seen a handfull in a month from bad Leroy Brown.
    All last week ,at work,I had your hooky song stuck in my head~ "he had a 32 gun in his pocket for fun,he had a razor, in his shoe" *everybody sing>>he's bad bad......ect..hehe
    Cool,you seem to really enjoy building.AKA obsessed..Keeps you out of fights & stuff,,good thing. Regards,

    *If you can't open it
    You don't own it.
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