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    I have a question for my first build. I have looked at purchasing a 2 stroke
    48cc kit and having no experience with any kit, I'm not sure which one of theses kits are more reliable. I'll be putting it on a mountain bike and the down tube is a larger tube so I'm not sure if that will be a problem. I need some experienced opinions on which is the best route.Or if you know of a better kit. Any help would appreciated. Thanks, Dave

    Jet 48cc
    Silver slant 48cc GB limited edition
    Grubee SkyHawk GT2B angle fire
    Grubee SkyHawk GT2B
    Grubee starfire GT2

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    IMHO..... the name on the engine does not matter.

    Find a vendor who will stand behind his product. Service & support after the sale is key.

    There are adapters for the larger tubing.

    Do your homework & read our vendor reviews. http://www.motoredbikes.com/forumdisplay.php?f=109

    Best of luck to you.
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    Thanks for the info srdavo
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    check e-bay because there are vendors that sell the same engines and you can get one with a larger mount cast into the crankcase for the larger diameter tubing.
    this will eliminate the hassle of trying to find or make an adapater to fit the bigger tubing.
    i have bought 4 engine kits from boygofast on e-bay and i have had very good luck with all of them. he sells the kits with the bigger front mount for the bigger frame tube. I have one of these engines with the bigger front mount, but it's a 66 c.c. I'm not sure if he has the 50 c.c. with that big mount or not.
    if you check out what he has, just look for the kit that's has "large mount" in the description.
    I know a lot of people have bought from b.g.f. and have had problems, but i personally have not had any problems with the engines or with his as a vendor.