48cc stare fire bord to 60.4cc

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by datsun610, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. datsun610

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    hi i have the steel lined 48cc gen2 stare fire i just got it board to 60.4cc a lot more power than the stoke 48cc i have pics if any one wald like to see it also has any one else board there motor out

  2. adb140275

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    boring your engine out wont increase the power nearly as much as simply modifying the ports to maximize their efficiency.

    i assume you have the proper piston to wall clearance, where did you get a piston?

    boring out an engine is way too much work with very little gain.

    what's the bore diameter now?
  3. datsun610

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    It has given the motor lots more pull it was 40mm bore know its 45mm the pistion i put in is from a old sky hawk thay are a 60.4cc not 66 i got it bord at a motor shop it was only $80 to bore the dude that bord it for me did all the maths and the bore and stroke worked out to be 60.4cc il take pics on monday whan i pull it down agen to put a high cop head on it i wald like to get a spare gen 2 motor but thay are very hard to find with the steel line barrel