48cc StarFire Gen II Engine

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jweeks, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. jweeks

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    im wanting to build a second bike first one was friction drive im wanting something with a chain now, offroad sounds fun. I was wondering if 48cc StarFire Gen II Engine is any good i was planing on ordering a chaindrive kit with that motor in it. wondering if anyone has had any experince with this motor and how reliable it is.

  2. arceeguy

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    IMHO, they are one of the best of these types of engines. In addition to the kit having a durable cast iron cylinder sleeve, the installation kit is superior to the other kits that look similar.
  3. tacoshell4

    tacoshell4 Member

    my sleeve didnt even line up with the ports in the jug no good I got a roach engine kit ordering a skyhawk 66
  4. Hajuu

    Hajuu Member

    Yeah I also have had less than ideal experiences with my Gen II, stuff just seems to.. break. at will.

    I'm no expert but even stuff like, for the fuel bung thing on the carb, somehow, while not moving after a long ride, the screw or port lost its thread and fell out as soon as I took off again.. Like.. how does that even happen if its fixed firmly the first time?

    And ive been battling with a carb that also seems to somehow bent something internally.. taken days just to work out that it might be that.

    Every screw, every nut, every bolt head, seems to strip like as if they are made of solder or something, it's rediculous.

    Also the instructions are a complete joke. Barely even worth reading except when you get stuck :/ (not saying dont read them at all haha)..

    Over all im just very unimpressed, however the general consensus seems to be quite good on them, so it's upto you. They are ofcourse, exceptionally cheap kits.

  5. Hajuu

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    Ooops, bit of an old thread haha, **** recommended threads thing (down the bottom)
  6. tacoshell4

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    i think all grubees are garbo since the last time i posted on this subject
  7. Hajuu

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    tacoshell: they've been entirely redesigned and their manufacturing process has been entirely redone too as far as I know, since the time of posting.

    My grubee has has some issues, which could well have been avoided either by a) buying a better kit or b) knowing what the **** I was doing, however the engine and what not have mainly been great.

    I believe they call these the 'Gen II' (two)'s
  8. tacoshell4

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    ya garbo lol have had them all since i started posting gen 2 gen 2a gt5 gtf-af nothing compares to a stock pk 50 and 80
  9. Hajuu

    Hajuu Member

    heh would be interesting to be able to compare first hand.

    Wish there was some kind of club in my city