48cc VS 66cc

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    I read a post on here that said the 48cc --2strokes were more vibration free and were as fast or powerful as a 66cc. I have always bought & sold only the 66cc. but if the vibration statement is true I will change to the 48cc. I would appreciate any comments.......

  2. One of my friends had a 49cc. I never drove it but I was pretty fast.
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    I have two 48cc HT engines. I am very happy with them, however they do not have the torque that my other 3 66cc motors have.
    However I have heard others state that they get as much or more power out of thier 50cc Ht.
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    vibration from a thumper always a pain

    thumpers (single cylinder engines) vibrate no matter the size. the bolts vibrate loose on both my 49 and 66 ,locktight is kept in stock.
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    my rse hp1.5 48cc hardly virbrates
    mind u i am about to add a heep of sbp
    bits .exhaust , low pro cleaner , shift kit 2.

    time an time again my old 44 toother rear used to go a lot quicker than both a stock 48,66.
    top of 65kph just over 39 miles