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Oct 3, 2018
Hello my name is Jason from Life Electric Vehicles we’ve put together this kit for riders who are looking for a DIY e-bike kit provided by a reputable an electric bike company with a strong history, USA based customer service and a solid warranty. This kit can turn your bike into an, all-around, awesome e-bike. Great for hills, light trail riding, and off-road. The 48v 1200W Direct Drive rear motor can be tuned down to a, street-legal, 750W.
Prodecotech has been building electric bikes for 10+ years and is one of the oldest and largest USA Based companies in the industry. When we say USA-based, we really mean it. The new facility in Deerfield Beach, Florida houses a customer service department, parts warehouse and assembly. Which means if you need support or parts, help is just a phone call away. This same 48v 1200w motor can be found on the Prodecotech Outlaw 1200, off-road electric bike.

Motor ProdecoTech 750W-1200W Direct Drive Motor Controller MXUS 48V 25A Controller (12A – 25A Power) Rim Triple Wall 26″ (1.95″ – 2.4″) Aluminum Spokes 12G Stainless Steel (Black Coated) Motor Wheel Axle 135/140mm x 14mm x 10mm Gears Free Hub (7, 8 or 9 Speed)Brake Mounting Disc Brake (6 Bolt Front & Rear)Weight (Motor Only)12 lbs 3 oz Controller Size 3.75″ x 2 3/8″ x 1 3/8″