49 cc LC on mountain bike

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    Hello, I need advice on where to mount the water pump and the radiator.
    This engine isgoing to be custom onto thte back of a mountain bike.
    I am using steel angle iron, so custom is ok.
    Just need some opions. Building over the winter
    Will post pics when I get a basic mockup.

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    Moved thread.

    Why don't you post some pictures of your project? That way we may have more of an idea of what your talking about.

  3. isoxazole

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    ok this is what I'm starting with

    This is what I'm starting with.
    As you can see I have some custom work to do.
    Weld points and such have to be determined.
    The swing arm is steel and the frame is aluminum.
    The project is just starting.

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  4. s_beaudry

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    I am very interested to see how you setup this motor on the bicycle.

    Definate need for welding, that looks to be a heavy engine..

    Please keep us posted as you build this!
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    thanks a lot
    I searched polini water cooled... musta missed it