'49 J motor bike - not getting fuel to combustion chamber

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by kwaskow, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. kwaskow

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    As far as I can discern, there is no gas getting to the spark plug. Looks dry and smells dry after attempting to start. Removed carb and disassembled everything except the needle seat, forgot that, but got everything else apart and soaked in carb cleaner. Went back together great, snugged down the low speed adjuster, and backed out the idle adjuter 2 turns. Still not a drop of gas apparent on the plug.


  2. jbcruisin

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    you have to blow all the holes out with an air hose too. Spray a little WD 40 in the carb opening when you try to start it. It's like starting fluid. I had to do it to one of my bikes the other day that had sat all winter. It started right up & ran great after that.
  3. velzie

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    Try the starter fluid check. A lot of aerosols will work, but stay away from brake cleaner and engine de-greaser.

    It could be an air leak, check the tightness and seals around the case and intake. If it's push start then another thing to consider is your clutch.

    If it isn't tight enough and slips it wont start - using starter fluid wont help. Push it around with the clutch engaged and you should hear a constant: glug, glug, glug... Like a pornstar getting her throat reamed. Well, maybe not at the same pace, but you get the idea. If she skips a beat tighten her up and try again, possibly with starter fluid.

  4. kwaskow

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    OK, got it running, but barely able to keep it going. Definitely something I need to adjust in the carburetor, because it only stays running fully choked. I have the Carter carb, and have the idle set to a fairly fast idle. I have the low speed jet almost completely screwed in, as it it would not stay running if it was tightly screwed in. The idle adjusting screw is about 2 turns out. Not sure where to start...?
  5. jbcruisin

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    screw the low speed screw, it's the one in the side, ( the one with the spring in it) about 1 1/2 turns out . Does it have a screw in the top with a spring?
  6. kwaskow

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    The idle adjusting screw (one on the side with the spring on it) is turned out 2 turns, per the manual
  7. Quenton Guenther

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    If it only runs with choke on, then the fuel passages are plugged-up. The problem can start at the gas tank, fuel line or carburetor [or all].

    The Carter is very hard to clean correctly and often takes several attempts to make them work correctly. The most problematic area is through the center of the carburetor. If it has a fixed main jet, then clean it and the carburetor housing it is connected to. The best way is to remove the parts in the center, however often the parts are destroyed during removal. Instead you can use very small wire [from a wire brush, brake cable, etc]to clean many of the passages, and jets, and can use cleaner and air [never with bowl attached to carburetor as it can crush the float] to re-clean the unit.

    Have fun,