49cc 4 stroke HuaSheng pull start stuck

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    The recoil starter seems to be the weakest part of these engines....I personally would just order an entire new starter assembly ....someone on this site has a post that tells how to recoil the starter, but I've never had any success with trying to do that, I even searched for a Honda starter but found that they are the same as the HS.....when you get it replaced be gentle when you pull the starter, don't try to start it like a chainsaw...
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    I had problems with mine during the first 2 months. I ordered a new one, which has been sitting in a box for months now.

    1. Check the 2 little metal arms that rewind the mechanism. One of mine had broke, but I fixed it with a coat hanger. Bend it, and cut to length.

    2. The spring pops out from under the plastic housing (repeatedly).

    Finally I took the lid from a plastic container (Butter, Sour cream, ???), Lay it flat, and use the plastic spring mechanism to outline a circle. (Simple right). Cut a hole in the middle too, slightly over-sized. Put a small amount of grease in housing, and both sides of the plastic spacer you just manufactured.
    Now put the the thing back together making sure the spring is fitted into the slots (Rope should be wound with handle off, and about 7 inches free to slide through hole, and tie for handle), pre tension the spring ( I think I did mine 2 revolutions, but its been a while), Use a screwdriver or something to slide through the slotted vents on the housing, and hold mechanism in place.
    It's Saturday morning, and its been months since I did mine, and my brain isn't warmed up yet, but I think you'll get a picture of what I did, and it's been working ever since. Over 6 months.
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    rewinding a starter spring/cord is a fiendish ploy to send oneself mad!

    no, its fairly easy when you get the hang of it.

    as mentioned above, the pawls/wire thingies break/bend let go. so does the plastic cam that actuates them!

    replace with stiff wire. an old spoke or "music wire" from a hobby shop is preferable to coat hanger, but whatevers handy!

    also include the suggestion for the spacers.

    when rewinding the assembly, remove the cord/string. assemble pulley into case so its engaging with the spring. if the springs lug has broken off at either end, get a new starter, its broken. otherwise, yes, remove the string, and wind pulley in direction that string would pull it.

    keep winding til its fairly tight.

    this is the bit that can vary.

    some require winding the string on first, and then winding spring, then thread cord through casing hole and into pull handle. others require you to line hole for rope in pulley up with hole in casing. thread rope through, having remembered to tie a knot before starting anything! then tie on handle and carefully let cord retract. there should be some tension on the handle when its fully retracted. you should also be able to pull rope completely out without having the spring bind up!

    cant recall the huashengs exactly.

    this can take some trial and error. practise makes perfect ;)

    watch the eyes when playing around with that spring!
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    It's a possibility that the gap between the magneto coil and flywheel is incorrect or the coil is loose, causing the flywheel to bind and engine not to start. You can set the gap with a business card.

    Here's an exploded view of the engine: http://www.bicycle-engines.com/49cc-Engine-Parts/

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