49cc/66cc interchangable parts?

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  1. namefail

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    was wondering if the cdi box, magneto and stock carb can be interchanged between the 2 types of motors? im assuming so since theyre relatively the same.

    I built a full suspension trike. Finally got the engine mounted right and the rear axle bolted to the sprockets correctly and the motor wont spark. *sad face*

    was going to buy a 3 lot of each from bgf. watchuthink?

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    Yes, they are the same.

    Before buying from..
    you might want to read up on them.
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  3. namefail

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    thanks bud!
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    From what I understand, they are related. In fact if you go to BFG's site and go to contact us...Both BFG's and luckyearlybird have the same contact information.

    Bought 1 engine from LEB, and that was my last... Warranty non exists. They lost me as a customer and I've bough/built 4 bikes. Not that is many but with the bad press from me, hopefully they lost a lot more. All over a magneto that lasted almost 3 days.

    On a second note, the remaining engines I bought came from powerking. The ONLY problem was the rear sprocket, flat and was bent. Sent a Email, was shipped out the next day. Received in 3 days. To top that off he told me to trash the old and don't send it back. Now how's that for service.
    Now for the down side.. I was thinking about getting #5 engine and he didn't list them. was out or has discontinued these junky engines.
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  5. namefail

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    ive heard ups and downs from BGF ive never ordered from him before. and im always the type to find out for myself. His costumer service cant be worse then zoom i hope.. he just pedals cheap wares. get what you pay for i suppose.
  6. Al.Fisherman

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    You don't get what you pay for with these junky Chinese HT's...they are ALL basically the same, so forget the price. What I want most of all is customer service after the sale. I know what I'm getting, I know the price...they are ALL really junk, it's amazing how well some of us keep them running.

    By the way, for less then $200.00 for a engine, and what I get out of it in transportation, it's a bargain. Been running #2 engine since early 2009, 3, 4, and 5 are equally strong. Trashed #1 engine (can be rebuilt with little effort)...that was a test engine, bad (aftermarket) head gasket FUBARed the cylinder, piston, and and rings. The nicest ride was on a new cruiser and it cost a total of $300.00.
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  7. namefail

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    thats what im doing now is rebuilding my first motor. i got it summer 09. i had to replace the cylinder thats about it. i messed the cdi up on my own accord. your right its all cheap. atleast its easy to replace. i need to start stocking up on parts so im not sidelined waiting for slow *** ups.

    cant wait to share pics of this trike. i put a pocket bike exhaust on it. gone be sweet. very steampunk looking. oh yes.. back wheels are 24x3
  8. Al.Fisherman

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    Personally I'd only stock a CDI and a magneto, should you need one, then you could order another for stock at a later date. When they get in test them right away, should the part be defective hopefully the vendor will make good. They might never go bad, I had only one defective and it was on #1 engine. Been running them since 2009. Latest build since January 2011.
    By the way...I keep one of each in stock.
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