49cc atv

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  1. so i recently got a 49cc atv.. originally for my kid but he doesnt steer his battery operated quad so thats not good. how hard are these motors to throw on a bike. its something like this
    [h=1]49CC Kid Mini ATV/ Quad[/h][TABLE="class: product_infos_block"]
    [TD="class: product_infos_block_img"] [​IMG]
    [TD="class: product_infos_block_info"]
    Price: 1

    Fuel:Gas / Diesel
    Engine Type:2 Stroke
    Transmission Type:Automatic
    Transmission System:Chain Drive
    Certification:EEC and CE
    Brand Name:JIURUI
    Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)
    Model Number:JRATV-49

    [TD] Company Name:Hangzhou Jiurui Imp & Exp Trading Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person:Mr. April PENG
    Company Address:Zhejiang Chemical Market,10 Shenban Rd.,Gongshu Dist., Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
    Contact Phone:86-571-28220000
    [h=2]Products Details:[/h] 1) 49CC new sports ATV for kids' on road, beach, sand, snowfield, mountains and many kinds of terrains, excited but safe, high qualith with competitive price. 2) Black/blue/red/yellow/green/ orange/pink camo/green camo/blue camo/yellow camo colors can be choosed according customer's requirement. 3) Carton size: 980X580X530mm. 4) Warranty: 1 year's warranty. Description:chain drive; New mode for kidsl! HOT SALE!Engine:49CC, air-cooled, 2-stroke, single cylinder, automatic clutch with no reverseContainer Q' ty:9620' ft19240' ft24040' HQ Max Power(kw/r/min):1.38/8700Brake(f/r)disk/diskOil tank(L)1/Unleaded gasoline above No. 90N. W/G. W(kg)30/34Max. Speed(km/h):35Front Wheel:3.00-4Starting system:pullRear Wheel:3.00-4

    not sure if this is the exact model but its similar. pull start

  2. butre

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    you'll need to fabricate engine mounts and possibly a jackshaft
  3. rather not do a jackshaft if i can help it, thinking of just modifying the small drive sprocket on the motor and fitting it with a standard ten tooth. also it will be running on my occ chopper so im hoping the motor is wide enough to eliminate my current offset with my skyhawk but if not ill weld something up
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    They make rack mount kits that should attach to your clutch. Should be a bolt-on for rack mounting.
  5. yea... im thinking in frame... dont like the looks of a rack mount, especially on a chopper
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    Strip it apart and figure out where you need the reduction gears and how much of it is required! :D

    A split downtube might work best for the cylinder position on those Cub clone engines.

    edit: looks pretty small tho. Could be interesting :D
  7. just ended up selling it and buying a new skyhawk kit. dont know how to delete threads..