49cc Custom MTB Build

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by AussieJester, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. AussieJester

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    I thought just to show the members here i'm not "ALL" about electric hehe i would up some pics of a motorized ICE bicycle i helped put together in conjunction with my older brother :)

    First up i must say it was ALL his design as far as the frame is concerned, i knocked up the 'jackshaft' (shiftkit) affair for him, he just couldn't get his head around the whole concept LoL the freewheel crank (which I knocked up using an old freewheel sprocket from a BMX bike) was beyond him, perhaps it was my explanation skills LoL either way he understood once it was complete, it was a weekend build so it isn't the most 'attractive' thing, suffice it to say it goes very well and he is extremely pleased with it, making a 20lm round trip on it too work most days...here's some pics of the bike anywayz, some may get some ideas from it--->




    And of course the obligatory video of it showing the gear changing abilities hehe

    I must mention this entire bike (engine aside) was built from bicycles/parts collected from off the side of the road during council curbside collection! EVEN the paint!!!

    So there ya go! PROOF i am also ICE friendly member hehehe...thanks for lookin fellas :)

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  2. h0tr0d

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    Wow! That thing is wild. Very creative jack shaft and suspension setup.
    Cool Bike.
  3. lordoflightaz

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    There is no video.
  4. azbill

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    cool looking build...especially with how you accumulated the parts :)
  5. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    I agree!!!!!
    that's how I like to get my parts, too!!
  6. fetor56

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    If only i could "tip rat" that good.....well done man(your brother to)
  7. DetonatorTuning

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    i am totally impressed brother. your trike was a fantastic example of design and exicusion.

    this one is every bit as good, especially so due to the time frame and scavanged bits.

    you guys are fast becoming one of my "must look" post contributors.

    good on ya,
  8. AussieJester

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    Cheers for the comments fellas much appreciated...the reason for the 'quick build' was out of necessity, at the time my brother had just lost his drivers license (ran out of demerit points) and needed transport to get to work. The bike was built in two days over th eweekend and painted the following weekend...There has been a few alterations to it since the above pics, it now supports a store bought tuned pipe and a store bought stem...I have also ported and polished the internals of the motor to get some more OOMPH out of it and a new carby has been fitted along with a mesh air cleaner all this I might add as an attempt to beat my trike hehehe...it failed, the trike whips it good LoL...was HUGE fun building it though and it still sees daily use

    Link works fine for me...sorry i can't fix whats not broken buddy, must be your end its not working...perhaps if you gotto YouTube and look for videos by AussieJester69 you can look at it?

    Thanks again for the interest fellas :)

  9. impression

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    If you knock up a dozen of those im sure you'd get a lot of Aussies who will pay for it + a bit extra for your troubles, most of us here only have basic house tools and cant weld.

    We also get absolutely killed by the exchange rate if we try to get the one from the U.S
  10. AussieJester

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    Impressions, this was discussed with my brother we seriously considered buying half a dozen motors and flipping them into some curbside bikes and flogging them, turns out others already have the idea and are doing it...checkout the Zbox site in Australia "click on the builders link" to a list of peeps building and selling the motored bikes setup ...most states have at least one builder theres 3 i know of in WA alone only one is listed on that site though ...

  11. Pezz

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    Any chance you could post some pics of the rear wheel and gear setup?

    Great build

  12. no doubt i love the rear derailer action
  13. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member

    I can but i don't know when it will be, i have posted the only pics i have i'm afraid and i don't catch up with my brother very often, he lives the other side of town... The derailleur setup though is pretty much your stock bicycle setup albeit on a modified 'freewheel arrangement' it is only two speeds... When i next catch up with the big bro though ill be sure to snap some more close ups for you :)

  14. macLovin

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    dude thats the sweetest looking mtb i've ever seen in my life.
  15. AussieJester

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    Cheers MacLovin...i forgot to mention along with the tuned pipe and stem additions the brother also has another seat, a suspension seat of the Motobecane he found on curb, the rear struts on the bike are from the Motobecane (the silver ones) so now the rear suspension has 3 lots of springs hahaha

  16. LocustsOfSteel

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    An incredibly well thought out build you have there.

    And i LOVE that frame!:tt1:
  17. SimpleSimon

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    I think he was referring to the jackshaft, mostly. That's an impressive build, and the geometry on that multi-link rear suspension is quite interesting.
  18. AussieJester

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    The frame was designed and built by my brother..the Jackshaft arrangement was done by me, not my 'neatest' work granted, but i had only Sunday afternoon to do it too LoL..cheers for the comments fellas i shall pass along your 'approvals' to the brother when i speak to him next.

  19. jezusjonz

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    Well KiM excellent builds...checked out all your pic and vids and my hat would be off to you if I wore one. I have to say everytime though that I see the name Perth it brings back such fond memories. Perth was my very first port after joining the Navy. Had the best time of my life and the closest to feeling like being home.
  20. AussieJester

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    Cheerz Terry :) We get ALOT of US Navy ships in Perth throughout the year, when i was younger we always used to hit town when the Americans were in port there were DOUBLE the amount of ladies out and about looking for a 'good time' hahaha...I still have a Zippo lighter i won in a pool game from a sailor off the USS Enterprise :) Definitely a nice place to be i wouldnt want to be anywhere else, lovely climate and friendly people, Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay too...:)

    Thx again mate :)