49cc Head Gasket Size and availability

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Slay, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Slay

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    New weenie - help me out. I have a 49cc and a 67 cc china engine....I'm trying to find a head gasket for the 49cc. I look at thatsdax and he only has one size looks to be for 80cc only???

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  3. Slay

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    Never bought anything from them. Will give it a go!

  4. atagent

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    They are terrible! I ordered the limited edition 80cc kit from them, got a dead motor. Spent my own money to send it back for an exchange, only to get another dead one. They are not replying my email again. So I recommend buying from someone in the USA. It's hard to dispute when they aren't even in the US.
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  6. I have a few dozen.
    send me a Prepaid return postage and i will give you a new one free .


  7. Humm i've been looking for one for a while ... out of boredom i just did away with them and now currently have no head gasket and it seems to run fine! more compression so its harder to start but seems ok ... any UK vendors?
  8. Slay

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    Oh shoot my buddy already bought one for me. Next time I'll remember you, boy that says a lot. I know Pablo at Sickbikes said you guys are top notch Sweet
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    Update: ZoomBicycles.com did follow up with me finally, and I finally got my kit installed and running!! Still need to do some tweaking but you should've seen that smile on my face!