49cc HS 142F 4-stroke with SBP shift kit on Pantera

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    This custom customer build came out pretty well I think.



    It started with the tight but steel framed Macargi Pantera 7S with dual V's as a base.

    The painted 7-speed wheel set was replaced with an unpained 3-speed wheel set and the front fork replaced with a pretty good front fork, lots of travel.

    The full front fender had to have the back cut down as there was no way way to mount the back fender struts to the fork (poor choice if you want a big fender) but it looks good and doesn't rattle with 2 mount points.

    I had to modify the SBP base mount to fit the engine in where I wanted it, and fabbed an easily adjustable idler pulley to compensate for the low engine mounting, but by golly it it's a dream to ride, a shop favorite to test ride ;-}

    The build is appealing but if you are considering one like this I suggest you wait a few months, word has it that there may be a combination 4S 4G JS kit that is far easier than this to install before Christmas.

    That is all I can say other than in the US anyway, 4S legal drive power coupled with bicycle gears that can beat the direct drive ever harder to find 2-stroke 66 for pretty close to the same price as JS'ing a 2-stroke is something to keep in mind.
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  2. KCvale

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    This build was an out of state sale and being shipped in a couple of days.

    I have shipped MB's before in Bike Shipper boxes for $300 and what a pain, you have to drain it, break it down, and box it up so a lot of assembly required on the other end.

    I went through an independent trucker brokerage online called UShip this time.
    It's a little like Craigs List in you can upload pics, description, dimensions and specifics of care needed, and your asking price for delivery.

    Independent truckers can then bid on it.

    I had the perfect transport lined up in a couple of hours!
    An independent trucker with a 1 Ton pickup and huge 5th wheel 'toy hauler' trailer that makes frequent trips between Phoenix and San Diego (350 mi) hauling all sorts of gas engine things such as motorcycles, quads, jet ski's, up to sand rail size in his enclosed trailer.

    $300 door to door completely intact.

    I'll let you know how it works out.