49cc HS 412F 4-stroke 3-speed shifting Pantera

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    Macargi Pantera 7S 26" 7-speed beach cruiser with the stock fork replaced with a long travel shock and rear 7-speed hub replaced with a Shimano internal 3-speed on the stock red steel rims.


    49cc HS 412F 4-stroke engine with 4G belt drive transfer case, spiffy chrome exhaust pipe and Sick Bike Parts 4-stroke Jackshaft shift kit for single point 410 chain drive train.


    gasbike.net includes a 2/3 gallon gas tank in their basic 4-stroke V kit and yes I have lots of parts left over from their mount kit since SBP's kit replaces most of it so far from a practical way to build yourself a bike with no future use for extra parts but for me stuff gets used eventually so I can build bikes like this for a reasonable price.

    One thing is for sure, I really like doing the final quality check test ride on builds like this as they really are a joy to ride for me anyway.