49cc i love mine

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by wbuttry, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. wbuttry

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    man i got a boy go fast 49cc motor a couple weeks ago. And it is such a good engine it doesnt vibrate like the 66cc. By the way i also have one . I dont know what it is about these engines but they are a heck of a lot better than the 66 cc engines by a long shot more reliable. And seem titer than the other .Any body else having good luck with theyre 49cc ht 2 stroke engine? This is the place to brag.:bowdown:

  2. jaguar

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    ****! Mine vibrated terrible till I put on the motorcycle CDI and lightened the piston.
    You're lucky.
  3. wbuttry

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    jaguar that is close enough to a brag i guess it depends on what day it was made anything on a friday is gonna suck anything on monday is gonna suck also tuesday through thursday is gonna be decent cause monday the people hate working so it takes a while to get in the swing of things again tuesday through thursday they already stuck there so they do a half decent job manafacturing stuff and friday the weekend is coming so **** on it for the weekend they dont care cause they get the weekend off and moderator this is a acceptible post no kussing in it either
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    Neither vibrate with the Skyhawk 48cc & 66cc Slant here. Yes, 48cc has a bit more revs with a maybe more top end? But, on both using same 44t, the 48cc just wont hit the hills as well.

    So, TRADE OFF huh? 400 miles 48cc/ 150 miles 66cc

  5. motorpsycho

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    yep i have a bgf 49 cc (the one without the intake manifold tube) and it does not vibrate at all.
    My 66 c.c. however, vibrates at w.o.t.
    both of my bikes use 41 tooth rear sprockets (20" wheels) and they climb hills with no problem because the rear wheels are smaller than the normal 26" ers.
    top speed with my 49 cc is around 28 mph, top speed of my 66 c.c. is around 32 mph. the difference is the rear tire height. My bike with the 66 on it has a taller rear tire so i get a tad more top end out of it.
    If i had to do it again, i would have gotten another 49 c.c. rather than the 66 c.c.
    my friend has a b.g.f. 66 and it doesn't vibrate at all.
    both of my engines are from bgf as well.
  6. Dave C

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    A 49cc is in the plan. Don't care much for the vibration of the 66cc and it's cheap enough to make it worth a try..

    $85 shipped for a BGF 49cc is not bad at all for a motor.