49cc Pocketbike motor on a bicycle?

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    I'm starting a new project motorbike and wondering,
    Has any one here tried mounting a pocketbike motor to a bicycle?

    these r pretty:
    this is sexy:

    I looked at a pocketbike today and it used a tiny drive chain, I'd like to convert this to work on a bicycle, prolly using parts from Staten-inc, or any other ideas?
    I can weld and fabricate, but mechanics is not a strong suit.

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    Haggard wrote a tutorial on the subject.
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    i've used the "cag-47" before and am getting a mits-copy 49cc (X2) soon...on a gebe drive...you won't be using the pocketbike clutch-drum if it comes with one. so long as you match internal clutch size to the drum of the MB-system you choose, you're good to go.

    pbu has some mean looking engines alright...you can also start small and get stock engines as low as $70 for the cag & $120 for the "mits."

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    would you recommend buying a whole bike and parting it or just a motor and specific parts? other suppliers? and would Staten-inc have my parts?
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    search the web for "scooter engines"

    you can easily find only-engines many places...maybe someone can post some links to reasonable pricing.

    and, i represent one of the "other suppliers"...it's a straight bolt-on to the golden eagle rig. most drives that use a centrifugal clutch should be an easy match, also.

    careful: the stock cag-47/49 uses a bowl/float carby, hard for positioning a tank on a rack-mount. as you see by pbu's offerings, there are DIY intake upgrades available. the stock mits49 (also in 43cc) uses a diaphragm carby, usually comes with a basic muffler, add a tank and it's ready to go.
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    Yes, but first a very important question.....
    How and where are you planning to mount the engine?

    In the frame?

    Rack mount?


    What kind of bicycle frame are you planning on using?
    Wheel size?

    A mate of mine is building the ulitmate in frame 2 stroke motorized bicycle.
    We considered using those very engines you are looking at but there is a better solution.
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    KULUKIN New Member

    God I Love this PLACE!!!
    Thank you all 4 replies and Q's,

    I'm flexible on this, but..
    I'd love to copy the Chicara moped: engine on side by rear wheel, just above rear triangle, build a beefy mounting bracket(sort of like a rack), mated to a Swobo Folsom, with chain drive.


    A boardtrack replica from a 21-22" 1990 Stumpjumper frame, engine mounted in the triangle, w/ chain drive.

    I have a Schwinn Cruiser with Happy Time, love it but want another.


    I love the look of those motors, details & hp, so if it fits and I can weld some mounts and bolt on some new gears, now that would be kulukin.
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    LOL, hey, I have an almost brand new 50cc scooter engine with cvt already attached. Now just have to figure out what to do with it.

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