49cc pocketbike specs???

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by ecgoeken, May 4, 2010.

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    i recently purchased one of these 49cc pocket bike motors and a cvt. im planning on putting this on an old mountain bike frame i have. im in the process of trying to get the gearing figured out but i cant find any info on the rpm's or Hp of this type of engine. does anyone know this info or where i can find it? and while im writing this post i have another question that im not to sure on. why is the target reduction 18:1. is this mainly for the ht motors or does this apply to all motors attached to bikes? thanks for any help.

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    I have bought the same engine I bet, u have a 29inch mountain bike and what I had to do was take the free wheel off the bike and reverse the locking pegs, most motors you can get to fit by jerryrigging them on if you want more help email me at christianhinkel0@gmail.com.
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    I'm buying two pocket bike(pb) engines for my twin-engined project. I'll be watching how your motor runs.

    I believe 18:1 is an average gear ratio that mb riders strive for with a single sprocket. It's like having a HT engine with a 44t rear wheel sprocket. On shift kits, it's different. My first gear is extremely low at 46.36:1, akin to a113t sprocket. However, I like cruising in 7th gear at 35mph. It's like having a 43-tooth rear wheel sprocket.
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    I dont know anymore the ratio number. I had bought a gearbox for pocketcross maked it on the motor. Got 54tooth spocket on the usual 26zoll wheel. It starts slow i must pedal to help but then it goes fast in top speed xD i had 50-60km perhour so dangerous. I think its good to use little wheels like 18 or 20zoll. I remember on user he got it on his account picture. That wouldbe better for getting more horse power. But i got still the problem that it revs by itself with no gas lever it drives alone 20kmh.
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    Maybe i got air leaks.becaus.when the choke.is down my engine.gets to much air and shut of after some metres. So the.choke is in the middle. Using idle.screw dont help. I rly dont know.where there could go air leak i looked the carburetor and cleaned its ok. Someone had this problem.solved i dont wont every time shut off the engine when i need to stop its making no fun...
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    Sounds about right, so does it have a clutch lever or just an auto clutch?

    The idle might be high if it's an auto, may want to get it tuned in better. Could even be a failing clutch though 12mph seems a little high for an idle speed with a slip in the clutch..
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    Maybe your carb barrel is in backwards?