4G Complete Gear Box (Huasheng)

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    Found this available over at one of the vendors for $119. I have the old style gearbox that was shearing keys almost every time I would ride it. Because of this...ended up getting a 66 cc 2 stroke (cost was the same as the gear box...needed to get something to save me money this summer on fuel with a Ford F-150 4.9L engine). Am breaking the 2-stroke in right now & loving it to death.

    With the belt drive available...if I were to save the money & get this belt drive kit to use on my Huasheng 49cc 4-stroke...will I be having the same issues with that as with one with the metal gears? Will it ride quieter/lesser rattling than the metal gears? Are there "non-OEM" belts I could use in a pinch from a lawnmower/small engine shop I would be able to use? Is this gear box close to the same type of design used on the 2-stroke's...except for having a belt drive it?

    I have the 4-stroke sitting on the shelf & would love to put it back on the bike...but with the POS gear box on there right now...it will stay on the shelf till something better comes along & is much more usable.

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    Get it...

    Let me just say, being the owner of a 4G tranny with only 500miles on it...it beats the hayell out of anything so far for our 4-strokes. It's very quiet, especially compared to the gear type, and the adjustment is a cinch. I will say also however that they are not perfect as I just snapped the clutch bell off it last night.

    This is due to a fairly cheap bell that they use with two elongated holes (for cooling) that run too close to the shaft that it is tack-welded to. This is a high stress area that needs to be beefed-up for all practical purposes. I think mine was just a bit weaker than most of them and I can repair it with a careful weld.

    It also just happens that I had a spare (brand new) clutch bell with the exact same dimensions as the G4's. What were those odds??? Anyhow, it was off of a brand new two-stroke scooter engine and it is much stronger that the G4's.

    All in all, if you want to run your 4-stroke again, $119 is a small price to pay for a fairly solid and quiet set-up. Cheers!
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    You need to be aware that there are two different 4-G drives. If your HS motor took the old Grubee II or the current Grubee III, or the old Hoot gearbox then you need to be sure you get the G-4 that fits the Honda. The G-4 that fits the new HS 142 CC motor is different and has to be mounted to the new motor not the older HS 142F.

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    I got the engine last June from Bicycle-Engines.com. It's got the Skyhawk case with the current III. With this being the case...does the whole clutch assembly come off & does it resemble the 2-stroke clutch assembly than this III? Is this assembly for the Honda better built than the one for the HS?
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    It has to be better than the III design. Does the 4G knock your teeth out like the III when you release the clutch? Does the clutch engage like on the 2-strokes & motorcycles or is it still backwards from normal? Can you run a solid cable...rather than the two piece on the III? Does the 4G have the same two assemblies as the III or did they forsake that for a normal assembly of one clutch?

    Looks like I need the one for the Honda at $139. No matter...as long as it gives better performance than the III model...is well worth the cost.
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    Centrifugal clutch = automatic engagement

    With the 4G thats built for the newer model 142F Huasheng, there are no levers or cables to engage anything...period. It is basically an automatic type transmission that engages the drivetrain when a certain RPM is reached by the engine. The engagement is smooth from initial slipping contact of clutch shoes to the bell drum, right through to full contact of engagement and on to top speed of the engine. It is not like a typical 2-stroke manual clutch at all. Think old school mini-bikes of the 60's era. With the engine running, just twist the throttle and GO!

    I'm not sure if this 4G like the one I'm running will bolt up to your particular model of HS, but I'm thinkin it probably will. Give BD a call and ask them or wait for a more knowledgable reply from a forum member. Either way one of the two 4G's will make you a happy 4-stroke owner again...I'm certain.
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    I have the 4-g on my honda motor, its way nicer than the older toothed gear crunchers. go for the fixed sprocket, $10 dollars more, since the freewheel sprocket will eventually give out. The clutch housing / bell housing for the honda cost up to 150.00 from comet industries, so the whole setup is worth the cost of $139.00
    I might bore out the large pulley, to accept a 5/8 bore, that way I can easily change out the pulleys with other teeth ratios etc. sprockets. I am going to try to run a v belt pulley off of it etc.
    have fun.
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    My buddy & I were thinking about doing that & a few more things with the Grubee...but for about $60 more...actually got an engine which would get me down the road. Got so tired of replacing keys after getting about 15 miles on the engine. Actually have 2-3 times this much on my 2 stroke. Love the looks/comments I get heading down the road. If only the weather stays nice & I can ride without freezing.

    As long as I can get down the road...I'm happy with the stock setup.
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    New tranny?

    Was just wondering if you got the new tranny or not? If so, how's it going so far?
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    Probably won't be able to afford it till this upcoming Fall or Winter. Work is iffy right now & with the economy...am going to be lucky to pay my bills. Till whatever time I can get it...the 2-stroke will be able to get me around...especially since I did just get it broken in.