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    I have researched this but can't seem to find the full answer...Question: Is the oneway bearing bad in ALL of the 4G gearboxes....Gasbikes is advertising an improved bearing ,. is that true....Bicycle-engine.com says they will have the improved bearing in the middle of Sept......Info please

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    They are all bad.you can JB weld or weld it solid.Or wait til a solid pully is avalible.If you are going with the 100 tooth (5 hole) I think kings sells those seperate in the 100 th solid you could swap yours out.
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    More questions

    I don't know what you mean by 5 hole...if you mean the big belt driven pulley, mine already has 5 holes..If you weld the bearing what function do you lose if any...Is the oneway bearing the one in the center of the big pulley....does the 100 tooth fix the problem
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    83.jpg the oneway bearing is in the center.It is used with 4G 's that do not have a freewheel output sprocket or the 10 tooth sprocket.So if your 100 tooth has a oneway bearing it might have a 10 tooth out put sprocket?If it has a 11or 12 tooth out put sprocket you will not loose any thing.If the 100 and the 10 are both solid(non freewheel) you will have a hard time pedaling.
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    Thanks so much for the info....I checked out what I have....it has 6 holes in the big main pulley and ll teeth on the final drive sprocket...so can I assume that mine is ok to ride?????? (I know what assume means)
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    I had to fuss with the 4G clutch for a week before I got it squared away then the one-way bearing failed, I did the JBWeld trick to it, it failed in about 10 miles, I then REALLY welded it, it's working now but I've had it with that gearbox and am getting ready to order a Q-Matic replacement.
  7. Quenton Guenther

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    Asking a freewheel to work on a motorized bike is somewhat problematic. This is the reason we have the "freewheel" action built into the clutch. The Max Torque clutch used in the Q-Matic drive supplys the necessary "freewheel" action without using the problematic mechanical system.

    When riding the bike [with or without the motor running] using the Q-Matic drive, only the rear chain and the outer clutch hub turn, unlike other drives which turn almost everything in the drive. Using a mechanical "freewheel" is necessary on systems using a T-belt because often the teeth rip off the belt when reducing the speed.

    The Q-Matic was designed to provide "motor braking" until approx 18 MPH, at which time the clutch dis-enguages [using a mechanical freewheel would remove this feature]. "Motor braking" is an import feature with the Q-Matic as everyone knows bike brakes aren't the greatest, and the system helps reduce brake wear and stop much quicker.

    Just a little American engineering in the Q-Matic design to make it work longer and better!

    Have fun,
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    I've had a solid-pulley 100T 4G with 11T freewheel for over 2 years now, never once had a problem with it. My brother had way more problems with his (early) Q-matic in 2 years.

    Hopefully the vendors ordering 4Gs will go back to the solid pulley models, and not the freewheel pulley junk.

    My 4G smokes Q-matics with same engines. And Quenton, no one here asked you how a Q-matic works. Please keep your advertising out of 4G threads. Kthx.