4g HS142 5/8'' kit

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by bAllah, Nov 18, 2011.

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    got kit

    the instructions are terrible... how do I get the clutch on right,, and the pully wheel <i think> is already connected to the bushing, so i just soaked all that in oil tonite. The belt looks like a tight fit, and i dont want to break it,,, how do I go about putting that on?:-/

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    also, hate the ragjoint and I havent even used it yet -- **** thing broke in the mail. Im thinking either the 80$ wheel, or if Im spending a hundered why not two, and get the SBP kit? Is it that much better? Extra gears does sound nice..

    oh. I live in florida, and when I was purchasing the kit I couldnt get any real help from the other site, and i got the 5:1 ratio,,, living in florida. kinda bummed

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    the back bit where the axle/hub goes to looks a bit bent.. but it fits with some squeezing,, <maybe a sign to get an internal hub sooner?>

    went ahead and bought the 4smoke SBP kit and some tools, and an air filter. the sprocket on the spokes is a terrible idea, im not sure if it'll line up right. Going to try and get it runnign anyways so I have something to ride until mail arrives...

    Thinking about this muffler, any one have any other suggestions? Would love power increase, but 'muffle' is the main part of the word Im lookin for, not the RRrrrRRrr