4Gt belt one way bearing

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by lemont1, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. lemont1

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    Well it's March and I still can't find the new one way bearing. I have called and e-mailed everyone I know carries them but no luck. Has anyone else been waiting three months for this new bearing? Are you still waiting? If you know where or when they can be found please share the info.:bowdown: Also can't find the 80 tooh sprocket.:confused:

  2. Old Bob

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    Do you have dimensions on it?
  3. HeadSmess

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    um, the more reputable bearing suppliers will have them...

    NSK springs to mind...

    *plays parrot*

    got dimensions?
  4. ocscully

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    The so called US distributor of Grubee products here in the US seems to have pushed back their delivery date until some time in April? I'm not 100% sure but the bearing that I believe you need is called a CSK15 (see Link) http://www.vxb.com/page/bearings/PROD/Kit8178 They are the same dimension as the 6202 but with the sprag clutch. The 6202 is the same bearing used in the 4G for honda output shaft. VXB is located in Anaheim CA or you can buy on-line. As for the 80t pulley I think you will probably have to wait for the new shipment to arrive at bicycle-engines.com.

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  5. Babykangaz

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    Just weld the bearing together so it will not be a freewheel, yet it will still work,
    i know that it is a flaw in the design from the factory, but what can we do? the new bearing in the 4g kits will have 27 tiny shims instead of 3 big ones. it should hold up then!
  6. locutus_1

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    weld it up its easy to do
  7. lemont1

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    Yea, I did that a long time ago and it works ok but sometimes when you let off the throttle it will kinda jerk the drive chain before the cluth releases from the motor. I think we paid good money for a product that was weak (and under warenty) and if they have a replacement part I should get one and don't feel that great about waiting over 4 months to get it.
  8. locutus_1

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    yea i agree we should get it replaced.. i talked to don grubee personally he said theres supposed to be a replacement.. but i honestly dont see it comeing any time soon.. so i just welded mine up and it looks like the 100 toothed one nice and smooth..

    i took 6 hours to do mine but i wanted that factory look.. never again will i have a bearing problem... i do have the hd axle with freee wheel so i only suggest you do it if you have that