Chain Tensioner 4stroke chaindrive tensioner.I NEED MY FIX

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  1. spunout

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    ok, so the $199 4stroke motorkit arrived today. good.
    but here's what i'm facing:
    once this chain loosens up, its going to start breaking teeth. not good.
    as you can see in the 2nd pic, its already on the loose side. and it hasnt been run yet.
    someone told me theres a post or thread where someone has installed a spring loaded tensioner inside the casing.....does that sound familiar to anyone? i am unable to find it.
    if you follow the tip of my finger to just under the top chain, thats the farthest forward of the casing anything to mount one can be drilled, before you get into other stuff.
    i may be able to drill a slot (to adjust up or down) in the backside of casing, and run a regular roller bearing wheel
    thoughts? ideas? puppies?

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  2. beast775

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    thats so cool

    thats the kit i would buy,looks like my old 52 panhead trans motor setup.i ran the old h-d for many yrs with no tensioner but if ya think the cogs are weak then apply a tensioner.
  3. Silvaire

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    Waaay back, most USA and British motorcycles used a chain primary drive. When the transmission and engine were separate assemblies, primary chain adjustment was a matter of loosening the transmission mounting bolts to change its position relative to the engine.

    When those bikes with chain primary drives went to unit construction (engine and transmission in one unit), chain adjustment was accomplished by adjusting a nylon faced slipper that pushed against the chain on its slack side. HD Sportsters still use such a system. Do an internet search on "Sportster primary shoe" and you will find some examples. It would be fairly easy to fabricate something similar on a smaller scale.

    You could make it spring loaded, but I don't see any reason to do so. As long as it can be adjusted to give the chain a little slack, it should work fine.

    Here is a link to a replacement slipper for a Sportster:
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  4. ibdennyak

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    I think Silvaire has something there....drill through the case from the bottom....piece of threaded rod with a nylon slipper, and a nut inside and outside. Not in front of me, but it should work.