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  1. zwebx

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    Here is my bike that i completed yesterday
    The image above is and image of my bike on top of the dandenongs after taking the hard way up the trails (atleast a 1 - 2 hour ride up) not bad for a break in run eh :)

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  2. Anton

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    Nice! Was that a tight fit putting the 4 stroke inside the frame?
  3. zwebx

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    it took a little grinding (around one 1/2 of the mounting plate) and also a re-drilling of most of the holes but its working okay accept the chain slaps the frame quite a bit... i may heat the frame up and bend it a bit on both sides and the main issue with fitting the engine is because of the air box is so bloody big.... and also i had to cut the choke lever in half to get it to fit and the throttle cable mount JUST fit under the frame lucky me i guess...
    might i say i have ridden it for about 4 hours now and finding the engine to be great (not my gearing but that will have to wait untill i can afford a shift kit and have the time to make my mount to fit it all to my malvern star xcs1.0) the gearing is really short (less than 50kph) but has enough torque to pull me up almost all the hills i could throw at it