4th of July Parade Hic Cup

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    I pulled my bicycle trailer off the garage wall to use in the 4th of July parade tomorrow (we always have our parade the Saturday after the 4th). Unfortunately, the left side of my rear axle is too short to bolt on the trailer tongue connection. No problemmo, the solution was to make an adapter to extend the length of the threaded axle. I took a very long crown nut with the same threads as my axle and ground the end off to expose threads on both ends. I then tightened the coupler onto the axle and screwed a 1 1/2" section of axle stock into the open end. I slipped the tongue connector over the extension and applied an extra thick nut. I took the bike and trailer out for a test ride and it worked great. Photos of adapter attached.

    DSCN3148.jpg DSCN3149.jpg

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    Nicely done.