4th of July scandal Happy B-day America

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    You guys have heard of Rush Limbaugh right?

    Whether you like his views or not, He's went to far this time. Stay tunned for details...

    I'm about as right wing as they come but what he is pulling is BS!

  2. machiasmort

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    Spread the word on this guy's, this is no joke!


    American is literally starving for jobs and Rush Limbaugh is showing up in Joplin with a truck full of foreign grown and cultivated iced tea to celebrate our freedom?

    “Two if by Tea” is being promoted as an American Patriotic product before the USA on the Birthday of our Liberty and at the expense of the good people of Joplin.

    I feel this is wrong and that Mr. Limbaugh should do his homework upon what started the original Tea Party. Once he has thoroughly examined the Original cause, he should apply to context our modern day trade policies with China.

    I’ve listened to him for years cry about lazy Americans. What about making jobs here Rush? Joplin deserves (Made in America) FL Lemonade, instead of employing overseas farmers, working for slave wages.

    Is this a joke on Joplin or the entire Country?
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    Like I said, I’m as right wing as they come, but this guy should not be allowed to re-write America’s history to suit him on her Birthday with Tea made, who knows where at the expense of a population that has lost everything!

    Rush’s tea is being advertised as “Patriotic” and uses a disrespectful knock off phrase taken from history books to send a political message. http://www.twoifbytea.com/

    If you are going to pretend to be Patriotic and all American, you can certainly at least use all American ingredients in your product, thereby supplying jobs to the lazy Americans that you whine about every day!

    This is absolutely absurd and the people of Joplin are about to be victimized twice!

    I can’t stress enough, please honor America’s birth and spread the word, however you can. This is serious!
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    Rush is nothing. He speaks the views that many agree with and some hate. That is how he gets ratings. He cannot convert people or tell them what to think. They listen because he says what they have been thinking.

    He is just a product of today's media......give him a few years and he will be as relevant as Walter Cronkite or Dan Rather......just another bitter man who thinks he can shape society.

    Yes, I think Rush is a bit liberal. He looks for answers instead of facing Jeffersons truth.

    We are WAY overdue.
  5. machiasmort

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    Great quote Stan.

    I just can't believe he'd pull a stunt like that on the 4th.

    I hope people of Joplin MO (where the tornado hit), are informed of what's going on with this. It makes me sick.
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    The battle of Bennington VT was actually fought on top of my GGGG Granfathers farm in Hoosick Falls NY. My family harbored General Stark and his men the night prior the battle. Starks words, that We'd win the war or his wife would be a widow were first spoke in my families home.

    Be careful what history books teach you. They are written by people with an axe to grind. Be smarter!

    Not 100% of the Colonists were behind the Revolution effort! There were many who gave refuge to English troops on their march.

    Not all of the modern day so called Patriots is telling the truth!

    The Revolution really wasn't all about high taxes IE Property, Federal, State, Business ect. The Revolution wasn't about the modern spin Doctor's phrase "taxation w/o representation". Keep being brainwashed by the modern media or research history like I did.

    Our Revolution was all about the strangle hold that England had upon our trade. With this, our Colonists were starving here. Most left England and formed New England sound familiar? We wanted religious freedom and independence.

    When England decided to slap unfair tariffs upon a product that wasn't theirs to begin with, our brave settler's seen the witting on the wall (including my family). Fight or starve!

    The Revolution was all about unfair trade practices and England’s use of Navel blockades to enforce them. Just so happens it was Tea that became the flash point.

    Unfair trade will be the flash point of our upcoming Revolution if this Country doesn’t straighten itself out. There is no US citizen that should have investments/ interests overseas at a time when Americans are starving for work. If they do, they are not “Loyal Patriots” as derived to phrase “thanks for your Patronage”.
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    Keep pushin MFr’s! In very fond memory of those who gave all and those who still will! Happy re-BirthDay America, Elect Ron Paul! Please share! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBfjU3_XOaA

    Somebody had to do it!
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    Not trying to pick an argument with you Dave, but he also says it was not meant as a publicity stunt or promotion of his tea either! I wish you could have heard his flapper running about it July 3rd. How his tea would convert the people of Joplin to Conservatives.

    Yours truly, although not a fan of Democrats, wrote the Democratic leadership in the neighboring MS Counties about what he was up too. ;) I've got a feeling they got into him pretty good!